When the mob tells you you’re wrong, how do you stay centered? Photo by @zacdurant

Author And Philanthropist Dale McGowan Shares Great Advice

The Best Advice Ever is a show on YouTube where fantastic people share the best advice they ever heard.

Dale McGowan sat down and shared a great story. Here is a bit of his bio from his site.

DALE McGOWAN has one foot in arts, the other in sciences, and…

Bt Kiki Vega

Late-stage capitalism is the term that sums up where we are as a society. Faceless corporations no longer invest in the communities they inhabit. In search of profits, businesses bribe the government to privatize services and eradicate legal protections for consumers. This toxic environment creates a world where the top…

Andrew Hall

I’m a comedy writer, podcaster, YouTuber, and activist. Millions have read my material and laughed. Support my work on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AndrewHa

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