Father’s Day, it’s the holiday where children pretend they have a parent who is not-Mom that is thoroughly engaged and supportive. For dads, it’s the day when shoddy hand made tie racks, alcohol, and harsh reality meet. …

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Dan Arel wrote the books Parenting without God and The Secular Activist. He’s penned a number of articles for The Huffington Post, Salon, The New Arab as well as other publications. He sat down to talk about the best advice he ever received on my YouTube show Best Advice Ever.

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Ken Reid is a polished standup comedian and the host of the popular podcast TV Guidance Counselor. Every week Ken and a guest explore “television watching decisions of our past.” He has an in depth knowledge of pre-Millennium television shows and pop culture.

Ken came on my YouTube show Best…

When the mob tells you you’re wrong, how do you stay centered? Photo by @zacdurant

Author And Philanthropist Dale McGowan Shares Great Advice

The Best Advice Ever is a show on YouTube where fantastic people share the best advice they ever heard.

Dale McGowan sat down and shared a great story. Here is a bit of his bio from his site.

DALE McGOWAN has one foot in arts, the other in sciences, and…

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Best Advice Ever is a show on YouTube. Great people talk about the best advice they ever got. Guests share wisdom, personal stories, and life lessons.

I was fortunate to sit down and chat with Dr. David Kyle Johnson. …

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Here in the United States of America many of us are caught up in the Shakespearean drama (or perhaps tragedy) that is the 2020 Presidential election. I am one of those souls caught in the maelstrom. Every day Monday-Friday from 9 am-10 am Eastern I cohost the Daily Atheist Morning…

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Once upon a time, I ate meat. Even though I’m an atheist Five Guys cheeseburgers answered my prayers. Tasty Burger was my church. Kentucky Fried Chicken my Messiah.

Those days are behind me.

I have decided to be a vegetarian. It’s been something I was thinking about for a few…

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The story you’re about to read is 100% true. I’ve told it a few times in front of a live audience. It always brings out a few gasps.

The tale is about Huck Finn and racism. Now, you could be thinking Is this is about the N-word? …

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It’s common knowledge the signs of the zodiac are based on Greco-Roman myths.

But what would happen if Jesus’ apostles replaced the pagan symbols? For example, instead of June 21 - July 22 being represented as Cancer, the apostle Andrew would take the crab’s place.

Here’s a quick guide.


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Late-stage capitalism is the term that sums up where we are as a society. Faceless corporations no longer invest in the communities they inhabit. In search of profits, businesses bribe the government to privatize services and eradicate legal protections for consumers. This toxic environment creates a world where the top…

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